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Topographic Surveys / Site Plans

Topographic surveys show ground features, elevations, and contours.  They're used by architects and engineers to design new structures and features to fit your property.

Legal Surveys

A legal survey is any survey that deals with the establishment or re-establishment of real property boundaries.  These include subdivisions, strata plans, easements, right of ways, and property line surveys 

Construction Surveys

Builders need accurate reference points to build off of.  We provide construction layout services for small residential projects, up to large, multi-storey concrete strucutres and industrial facilties.



Bunbury & Associates Land Surveying Ltd. is a partnership of British Columbia Land Surveyors and Technologists who strive to satisfy our client's needs utilizing our extensive knowledge, experience, and latest technology.

Originally founded by Alex Bunbury in Whistler, Bunbury & Associates has been surveying the Sea to Sky Corridor for over 50 years.  Now with offices in both Squamish and Whistler, we know every corner of the region, and use our thorough local knowledge to deliver a project on time and on budget.

Surveying Sea to Sky Country since 1963

West Vancouver - Bowen Island - Horseshoe Bay - Lions Bay - Furry Creek - Britannia Beach - Squamish - Whistler - Pemberton - Lillooet



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Our service area ranges from West Vancouver to Lillooet, including Horseshoe Bay, Bowen Island, Lions Bay, Furry Creek, Britannia Beach, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, and Gold Bridge/Bralorne/Gun Lake.

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Squamish Survey Office

#207 - 38026 Second Avenue
PO Box 1512
Squamish, BC, V8B 0B1


Phone (604) 892-3090

Toll Free: 1-855-892-3090
Fax (604) 892-5427

Martin Jones, BCLS -
Jeremy Childs, BCLS -

Whistler Survey Office

#204 - 1085 Millar Creek Road
Whistler, BC, V8E 0W5


Phone (604) 932-3770
Fax (604) 932-4685


Paul Bunbury, BCLS -

Get a quote: 1-855-892-3090

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